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2016/17 Leinster Branch Handbook

2016/17 Competition Regulations

2016/17 Women’s League and Cup Regulations

Club Marketing and Communication Guidelines

Outline of changes to the 2016/17 Competition Regulations

1. DGA becomes DFA (Domestic Fixtures Administrator).

2. In Regulation 3 plurals added so Clubs can be penalised in more than one competition.

3. Regulation 4 and a number of other Regulations changes because of the Leinster Senior Cup. Players will be Cup tied if they play in the Cup; also the 6-match rule does apply to players playing in the Cup.

4. Regulation 5.7 is tidied up.

5. Regulation 5.9 If a player who has been regarded starts at a higher level on even one occasion then he cannot play for the lower team again without a new re-grading application.

6. Regulation 5.13 is the four match rule (play-offs) and how Under 20s must comply.

7. Regulation 6.6, if no suitable ref available replay.

8. Regulation 8 .2 relates to cancelling from the bottom up Under 20’s are deemed to be above Metro Div 4.

9. Regulation 11. 7 subs in Leinster Senior league and Cup.

10. Regulation 16, Transfers: no consent required if player has not played in Ireland for two years.

11. Regulation 19: the Leinster leagues updated.

12. Regulation 24.4 is new. Teams beaten in the first round of the Anderson Cup shall be eligible to play in the Michael Dunne Cup and Regulation 5.5 shall not apply.