Concussion Management

In order to attain a coaching qualification, you must complete the World Rugby Concussion Management course. This is a free online module that can be completed before or up to two weeks after you attend a coaching course at any level in order to attain accreditation.

Stage 3 Coaching Course

This stage of coaching is made up of a category of age-grade players from U16-U18’s and adult junior players. Players are highly competitive at this stage and have greater awareness of common values, goals and team spirit. During this stage, the coach aims to challenge the capacities of players and strives for players to have higher standards of performance. The game evolves during this stage as the performance of individual players, units and the team as a whole is challenged via structured methods with emphasis placed more so on maximising development in the pursuit of achieving desired outcomes and results.

Upcoming courses

Venue: Maynooth University
Times: 9am-7pm

  • Saturday, 10th June
  • Sunday, 11th June

Venue: Maynooth University
Times: 9am-7pm

  • Saturday, 22nd July
  • Sunday, 23rd July

Venue: IT Carlow
Times: 9am-7.30pm

  • 12th August 2017
  • 13th August 2017

NOTE: Entry criteria for Stage 3 Coaching Course

• Participants must be over 18 years of age
• Participants must have proven rugby playing/coaching experience
• Actively coaching a 15-a-side team (Stage 3 LTPD)

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Stage 2 Coaching Course

The age-grade of players in this category is from U13-U15. During this stage of coaching, players learn to explore through the game. Coaches teach rather than guide during this level as players at this age-grade. Whilst the game is still fun and safe at this stage, it moves from open play to a more structured format to introduce basic units of play.

Venue: Newbridge RFC


Saturday, May 6, 9.30am – 5.30pm
Monday, May 15 7pm – 9pm
Monday, June 12, 7pm – 9pm
Monday, July 10 7.30pm – 9pm

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Stage 1 Coaching Course

The age-grade of players in this category is from U6-U12’s. The medium of play is at the forefront of this age group whereby fun and enjoyment in a positive environment to encourage a motivating experience if the predominant aim. Coaches are thought to act as guides and corrections should be subtle and simple rather than detailed. Focus of the game is mainly based on general movement with player participating in an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Introduction to Mini Coaching

Venue: Terenure College RFC
Details: Saturday, 25th March (9.30am-5.00pm)
Cost: €70 per coach
Enquiries to:

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Note: Online booking facility now available below.

How do I book a course?

To book online:

To book a coaching courses online, you must click on Easy Payments Plus button below and click ‘coaching’ in the first drop down.

Please note that there will be an additional €5 processing fee to pay online for all debit cards. Credit cards will be charged at a higher rate.

Note: Club/ Schools can book as many people on a course by clicking ‘add person’ throughout the booking process.

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