The Future is looking bright for the Seniors at Gorey RFC…

The Club is currently a hive of activity with players working out in the club’s new and impressive high performance gym which is a testament as to how far Gorey has come as a club and its intentions for the future.

This gym is a high performance rugby gym and players carry out their off-season gym work here under the watchful eye of Head Coach, Phil Horan:

‘We are fortunate to have first class training facilities in the club and the availability of strength and conditioning coaching from Ken, Pat and PJ over this phase along with the attitude and commitment of the boys attending has been excellent. Physically we were a little short last year, and it is now down to the coaching staff to transfer the work done over the last while in the gym to the pitch, where continued development of buildng on last season will be the goal’.

Pre-season pitch training on Wednesday’s & Friday’s will start in earnest on July 10th, with pre-season friendlies scheduled in August.

Having been so close in the promotion race last season Gorey are intent on keeping their focus on this coming season and taking nothing for granted.

All players carry out their off-season training programs to the best of their ability, and will be in the top physical condition when the season starts.

The J1’s Captain for the coming season is Matt Bater who is a Welsh exile, and Wales’ loss is Gorey’s gain.

Matt brings to Gorey the skills, grit and determination that was preached to him while being coached in Wales, and after a couple of years bedding into the Gorey system he is now ready to take up the Captain’s role.

‘Although not born and breed in Gorey, Gorey Rugby Club is now in my heart and I have met many friends who have become like family. The Gorey rugby community is second to none as I have found out first hand all players or members who come into the club are warmly welcomed. It is a great honour to be captain this year and I hope to contiue the clubs recent success and long lasting tradition’.

So the future for Gorey senior rugby is looking bright, and with players coming through from a very productive Youth System and some new additions to the squads, the J1′ and J2′ teams are already looking as if they will be bursting with skilfull and formidable players.

Most of last years senior level players will be taking part in a pre-season training camp in Wales and even though an away trip sounds like fun this has all the itinerary of a Provincial/National squad with all tour days mapped out with gym work, ball work and recovery sessions.

Good luck to Phil and the squad on that and the hope is that they get all the benefits that they set out to gain and return a stronger squad.

Finally if there are any rugby players out there no matter what level you are at, if you have played in the past or are just a novice, Gorey have a team for you.

With 19’s, J3’s, J2’s and J1’s in place, Gorey will find a team to suit you.

Contact 087 950 7999 for further info.