Season Tickets can be purchased in one of four ways:

  1. Payment can be made in full for your Season Ticket(s) at time of booking.
  2. If you are retaining your Season Ticket you can renew with no down payment and pay in full on 27th April.
  3. You can opt to pay 50% upfront and then the remaining 50% balance at a later date that will be confirmed by Leinster Rugby.
  4. Season Ticket payments can be paid for in instalments with a credit/debit card up to December. If you book/renew in March you pay 10% of your full cost and 10% per month until December. If you renew in April you pay 20% up front then 10% per month, if you renew in May you pay 30% up front and so on.

Terms & conditions

  1. All payments will incur a Ticketmaster service charge (full service charge will be applied to first payment if paying with payment plan option 3).
  2. If paying with payment plan option 4, normal service charge will apply (this will be divided out over your payments) but no other interest or charges will apply.
  3. Should you cancel your Season Ticket before the season commences a penalty charge will apply.
    Leinster Rugby reserves the right to cancel or temporarily suspend your Season Ticket in the event of missed payments.
  4. No refunds will be given if your Season Ticket is cancelled once the season has commenced.
    Season Ticket payments must be made with a credit/debit card. Cheque payment can be arranged, however full service charges will apply.