Interested in trying something new in 2016? Check out 12 reasons why you should give rugby a try in the New Year…

1. The challenge: Rugby is a physical game that requires determination and physical strength. It’s a great game to push your body and mind to the limit.

2. The weather: Rugby can be played in any climate. No excuses for missing training!

3. Everyone can play: Rugby is for all body types. No matter what shape or size, there is a perfect position for you.

4. You can start playing at any age: From U6’s to golden oldies, various clubs throughout the province have a team that will fit your ability.

5. It’s great craic: Rugby clubs are famous for having an ‘everyone is welcome’ attitude. No matter where you are in the world, if you join a rugby club, you will inherit an automatic group of new friends.

6. The away trips: You will make friends for life, while playing a sport you’ll love, visiting different counties around the country, and you may even play abroad.

7. It will keep you fit: Even if you’re not interested in playing competitively, rugby training will keep you fit and in great physical shape.

8. You can become a professional: Rugby is one sport that you can start playing in a club or school and make it into the professional ranks.

9. Learn a new skill: While you’ll learn various skills on-field, rugby also instills discipline and teamwork in those who take up the sport.

10. Be part of something special: Whether you play in the AIL or a Junior League, rugby gives you an opportunity to create history by winning titles.

11. Skillset: Different skillsets from various disciplines can be transferred to rugby. Whether you’re currently playing soccer or GAA, some of the same skills can be easily transferred.

12. Still haven’t persuaded you? If you think your skills lie elsewhere, there are various roles that you can get involved with within all clubs around the province. Become a coach or referee? Maybe you’re into social media? Why not tweet for your local club? Test your boundaries this New Year!

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