Read what Leo Cullen had to say to the media ahead of Leinster v Toulon in Aviva Stadium.

1. Injuries

“Sean O’Brien is still rehabbing. He saw a specialist again about that vestibular/inner ear issue that he has. He’s getting very close – not a million miles away. Luke McGrath is probably a couple of weeks away. Noel Reid has made some good progress. Next week or the week after he should be back. Like most teams there’s usually 10 injured guys. That’s the way it is when you’re in the midst of a very tough run of games. It places huge importance on the strength of the squad.”

2. Discipline

“We started [last weekend’s] game pretty well – we get two penalties, 6-0 up. Two penalties to nil on that ledger. Post that it’s 17-5, so it finishes up at 17-7 (on the penalty count, against Leinster). That’s particularly disappointing, three yellow cards on top of that. We’re not a team that goes out with the intention to go out and play in that grey area where you’re in danger of being across that fine line in terms of discipline. We would drive discipline standards. We’ve had three yellow cards all season, so to have three in the same game was very, very disappointing.”

3. Toulon v Leinster 

“There was a lot of really good things from last week’s performance. We were in the game at half-time. We had some chances, even early in that second half. But then we just lose our way a little bit, get on the wrong side of the referee. We weathered the storm after the first [yellow card], we don’t manage to weather the storm the second time.”

4. Leinster v Toulon

“This weekend we’re at home in the Aviva. The guys want to put in a performance because they really care about this team. They want to give a good account of themselves in front of the people that will turn up to support them because that’s really important to us. We can assess the mathematics of it afterwards, but we’ll still push away as best we can.”

5. The Supporters

“I think what Leinster fans are doing this weekend is exactly what we want; they’re turning out in massive numbers to back the team. That’s amazing support. Any team across the world would be only more than happy with that level of support. For us, we just need to focus on giving the fans that are staying with the team a level of performance that they’re satisfied with.”

Over 44,000 tickets have been sold for Leinster v Toulon. Tickets are available now from Ticketmaster.

Leinster v Toulon