Over the month of January, Leinster Rugby are highlighting the organisations that have benefited from the Bank of Ireland Begin Together Fund.

The Begin Together Fund provides investment for initiates that will make a real difference in the places where we live and work.

In 2021 nearly 100 Charities and not for profit groups received funding for their projects from the Begin Together Community Fund and Begin Together Arts Fund. These initiatives are located throughout Leinster and beyond.

One of these organisations was Outcomers in Drogheda.

Outcomers Drogheda is an independent support organisation providing confidential drop-in space, information, integration & advocacy for LGBTQ+ adults in the Drogheda area.

Thanks to the Begin Together funding, Outcomers was able to set up an immersive one-day wellness event that enabled attendees to understand their own mental health needs and give practical tips on how to bolster participants’ resilience and sense of empowerment.

James O’Hagan is a volunteer with Outcomers, and says that support like the Begin Together Fund is crucial for the group to continue their work, “Being LGBTQ outside of a big city can be lonely at the best of times, and the past two years have made it even more isolating for our community. With the help of the BOI BeginTogether fund Outcomers Drogheda will be able to build a safe space for LGBTQ people in the Drogheda area where they can be together, be safe and be free to be themselves”.

For more information on Outcomers Drogheda and their services, please see their Facebook page here.