In these turbulent times it seems that genuine good news is hard to come by. With the constant trepidation and anxiety that has become part and parcel of daily life, one would be forgiven for thinking that positive stories have been put on hold.

Sport however has become a shining beacon and a positive distraction for many against the backdrop of the current pandemic. As such it is fitting that the combined enthusiasm of neighbours Roscrea RFC and Birr RFC have found their own perfect sporting antidote.

It is generally acknowledged that the principal objective of any sporting organisation is to provide and cater for every age group’s development in terms of training and eventually, meaningful competition.

This is what keeps the player production line in motion and is the fundamental basis for the strategy of every successful club. Like so many things in life, participation is the key and having the required numbers of playing personnel at every level is essential to providing the desired outcome.

When this point is not reached and a club is finding it challenging to build a squad, then creative decisions need to be made in terms of direction.

Birr RFC and Roscrea RFC share many things, a geographical hinterland, a rich sporting heritage, a social history, but perhaps most significantly both clubs share a collective ethos whereby their commitment to providing for their players is paramount above all else.

As such, when the decision to initiate a new alliance at various age grades was first considered, both clubs made considerable efforts to make the ambitious dream a reality.

The result of these endeavours is an exciting and dynamic new brand to be named the Ravens encapsulating the Boys Under-17 and Under-18 teams and the Girls Under-14 and Under-16 teams from both clubs.

The objective is to provide a strong, progressive, and positive rugby experience for all local youths interested in a unique sporting adventure. The combined knowledge, resources and pedigree of both clubs will provide the fundamental basis for the new venture, with shared coaching and a revolving training base.

Both parent clubs are very excited about the new amalgamation and have complete confidence that it will provide an overwhelmingly positive outcome for all involved long into the future.