Facing into the biggest match in club rugby history against our old enemy, the Official Leinster Supporters Club is calling on each and every Leinster supporter to stand up and be counted…

While the players go toe to toe on the pitch the supporters will also have a battle to win. We need everyone to be on their game. Give it everything you have from kick off to the final whistle. Let the players know that you are behind them for every one of those 80 minutes. You can make that crucial difference.

Plan of Action:

Secure position: Get to the ground early, especially if you are on the Hill. Gates are opening at 3.30pm so you need to be there in advance if you want to secure a good spot.

Make some noise: Shout, chant and clap for all you are worth. If you have drums and bodhráns add them to your match arsenal and bang them as if you life depended on it.

Sing til you’re BLUE in the face: Give ‘Molly’ socks. Make the streets broad and narrow rise over those ‘Fields’. Spur on the ‘Boys in Blue’ in the tough times especially.

Paint it blue: Deck yourself out in your bluest jersey, hats, scarves, etc. Bring along your banners and flags.

We want the players to give it everything they have in this match, leaving nothing on the pitch. Supporters need to match this commitment with every ounce of energy they can summon.

Play your part. Be the best 16th man you can be.

Be seen
Be heard
Be blue!