A very satisfactory years rugby was achieved this year in Tullamore and surrounding areas in the 2011/12 season. In total 20 primary schools took part in the programme over the year with 19 of these involved in blitz’s. A total of four blitz’s were held, one in November and a series of 3 in March which is the time of year which seems to be most favourable to the schools. The schools got a minimum of 6 sessions with some schools expressing an interest in continuing tag after CCROS John Burns and Paddy Dunne had finished.

5 secondary schools also took part including TY and 5th year boys in Coláiste Choilm, U15 and U18 in Tullamore College, TY boys and girls in Kilbeggan Mercy Convent, 1st and 2nd year boys and girls in Clara secondary school and 1st and 2nd year girls in Sacred Heart Tullamore. The programme was received enthusiastically by the schools. However despite efforts to introduce the idea of entering into Leinster competition there is a reluctance to do so due to busy schedules with the exception of Tullamore College who participate at U15 and U18 level.

On a very positive note however the numbers of mini players have exploded over the last couple of years, so much so that there is a realistic possibility that two U13 teams will be required next year.Two U15 teams competed this year for the first time in competition. A concerted effort was made to bring rugby to the areas around Tullamore and such schools as Kilbeggan N.S, Killeigh N.S., Mucklagh N.S. and Coolanharney N.S. have risen hugely from small numbers just 3-4 years ago. The schools which contributed largest numbers 3-4 years ago have also risen sharply so a very positive trend has developed. Providing enough quality coaches to service these numbers is an ongoing challenge for the club.

The CCRO’s participated in the Midland Masterclasses held in Tullamore R.F.C. and a large number of the club U14 and U15 players took part in these to the benefit of both themselves and the club teams.

In conclusion the programme was hugely positive being very well received by all schools and is providing large benefits to the club in terms of numbers joining. It also benefits Leinster rugby through the increasing player numbers and supporters and the possibility of potential future interpros getting their first exposure to the game through tag rugby.