Following a letter from Jack Chambers, Minister of State with responsibility for Sport and the Gaeltacht, the IRFU is encouraging all clubs to review the facilities they may have available across the country to assist the Government in providing immediate temporary emergency accommodation for refugees from Ukraine.

Following receipt of the request from Minister Chambers, on Friday, the IRFU met with all Provincial CEOs, who have collectively agreed to ask that any rugby club facilities that may be available for the relief effort, are made available.

The IRFU will host a short information webinar tomorrow to provide further information on Government’s request and to encourage clubs to stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Ukraine.

Kevin Potts, IRFU CEO, said, “The IRFU, GAA and FAI had a call with Department and Local Authority officials yesterday where the urgency of what is happening was brought home and our immediate response was ‘how can we help?’.

“Working together we hope rugby can help in some small way, those fleeing Ukraine to Ireland. Not every club will have the facilities and indeed not every facility that is offered will be deemed suitable, but I am hopeful that clubs with facilities will contact their local authorities, as per the Government’s request.

“Irish people have been phenomenal in raising funding so far, and we are fully endorsing the request from Government to see how and where we can assist further.”

The Webinar – How to Attend?

Following consultation with Government, the IRFU are asking all clubs to attend an emergency webinar on Irish Rugby’s response to the humanitarian crisis arising out of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On this call, clubs will be provided with information on how clubs can help with the immediate requirement for facilities for refugees arriving in Ireland, and what supports are available to those clubs who can help.

All clubs are asked to attend.

Kevin Potts, IRFU CEO, will attend and address all clubs on this call.

Emergency Webinar: Government Seek Rugby’s Help With Support For Ukrainian People

Date: Wednesday, 13 April, 2022

Time: 16.00 – 16.30

Platform: Microsoft Teams Live

Registration Link: