‘Come and Try’ is a new initiative by Leinster Rugby to help clubs recruit new players. The program is run by club volunteers and involves up to six introductory on pitch sessions for girls who want to come and try playing rugby in a safe and fun environment.

Why sign up?

The IRFU’s ‘Give It A Try’ eight week summer program has been running for several years and many clubs have successfully used it to recruit female players aged 8-14. Leinster are offering a similar style of program, which the added flexibility to tailor completely to the individual needs of any club.

How does the programme work?

Following the clubs ‘registration of interest’ link below, via the Microsoft Form provided the Womens Development Officer for the region will organise a meeting with the interested club to discuss their requirements. Any age group, gender, and time frame can be catered for to ensure that the program is suited to the needs of the specific club and this will be discussed in the first meeting.

Leinster will support primarily ‘off pitch’, by providing a step by step guide to the program, template for letter to schools and community groups,  organise any necessary training for volunteers involved in the program and any other supports required.

Our staff can support your coaches by providing on pitch coach development prior to commencement, signposting them to appropriate courses and resources, and supporting during the program where necessary.

To indicate your interest and to find out more information on the ‘Come And Try’ Program, please click on this link and a notification will be sent to your local Womens Development Officer who will then contact you.

Below is a sample of what the program might look like in your club:

  1. Register interest via the Microsoft Forms link above.
  2. WDO makes Contact call to person detailed on form.
  3. Meeting arranged online or in person with designated coordinator to agree needs.
  4. Program planning form completed by club and returned to WDO.
  5. Training session/meeting organised for any coaches and off pitch support volunteers if required.
  6. Club commences local marketing program (i.e. communication with schools, local organisations, existing parents, local press, radio, papers etc). Leinster includes club in list of participants, supports and published marketing articles provided by the club.
  7. Program commences in club as per agreed – ie. one session, four sessions, six sessions, intro session post season end and then ‘restart’ sessions pre next season etc.
  8. Club run welcome session for parents.
  9. Players register with club and join existing club teams during season.