The relationship between Leinster Rugby and Boston Rugby Camps is now in its second year.

Former Kings Hospital student, Sean Treacy, is the driving force behind the Summer Camp in America. Now living in Charlestown in Boston, he brings players from across a number of different high schools and rugby clubs.

With 70 players aged 12-18 in attendance, it was noticeable how high the standard was across the week.

Commenting on the camp, CRO Ken Moore said: “There was a massive willingness to learn from all the players and they pushed themselves all week to try and improve their skill level, taking on as much information as possible.”

A number of the younger players were new to rugby and this was their first experience of the sport. Both Kens ensured that these players were though the basics of the game in a fun and safe environment.

For the older players who had a good level of rugby, the lads tried to challenge them through game-based activities.

Along with running the Camp, both Kens led a very successful seminar for coaches from various high schools, colleges and rugby clubs. The conversation focused on a Game-Based Approach to coaching, how to make the most of a short training window and a few key technical points around the breakdown.

With the expansion of the game, especially at third level in America, there is a real hunger from coaches to develop and discuss coaching techniques and philosophies.

If you would like any more information about this camp in Boston, please contact Ken Moore,