There is a considerable amount of work done on the ground around the 12 counties, by Leinster Rugby community rugby staff. We currently have 17 Community Rugby Officers (CRO’s) including four Women Development Officers (WDO’s), along with 49 Club Community Rugby Officers (CCROs), who work around the province with our clubs and schools. Also working with the local community groups, through our county council partners, to deliver tailored rugby programmes and expand the game of rugby around the province.

Through these ongoing relationships with county councils, Leinster Rugby run programmes throughout the season and provide staff for community programmes, such as tag rugby for rehabilitation and recovery services, wheelchair rugby, walking rugby for older members of the community and working with young offenders to support their rehabilitation through rugby and the values attached strongly to the game.

Along with these programmes, we work closely with the county councils, we also run inclusion camps across the province during the summer. Programmes and camps are staffed with our CROs (Community Rugby Officers) and CCROs (Club Community Rugby Officers) who have close ties and knowledge of the community.

The purpose of our Leinster Rugby Community Officers is to affect and support high quality sustainable rugby environments for all by encouraging, promoting, growing and organising the participation in, and playing of, rugby in the 12 counties of Leinster.

Since our last update in October, our community officers have completed 19 more primary school blitzes, 11 secondary school blitzes, which are split into junior and senior sections. Along with two Transition Year coaching training courses, to help develop more young coaches around the province.

To help benefit our club and school coaches, coaching courses are delivered through our community officers and our Coach Development Officers (CDOs).  Since the October, our officers have completed 18 coaching courses, this includes our senior coach awards, children’s coach awards and youth coach awards, along with four player development sessions in our clubs. On top of these, our community rugby officers also help run our area side competitions, such as the Sarah Robinson Cup (girls) and Shane Horgan Cup (boys).

With girls rugby growing year on year, our Women Development Officers (WDOs) since October, have also ran girls only rugby events around the province such as, 1st year touch rugby programmes and junior and senior X7s blitzes.

If you would like our rugby officers to deliver a programme to your school, click on the links, to contact your local Community Rugby Officer and Club Community Rugby Officers.