Coolmine Community School took on the Leinster Rugby Tag programme for the first time this year, with both boys and girls groups taking part in a five-week programme to learn the game and then in their sixth week they took part in a blitz in Coolmine Rugby club.

The boys and girls teams took part in games against other schools based in Fingal, with Leinster Rugby Women’s Development officer Jennie Bagnall down to introduce the girls to contact rugby.

The success of the tag programme and introduction to contact rugby for the girls has resulted in Coolmine RFC setting up an Under-15 girls’ team in the club.

The PE teacher in Cooolmine CS has taken on the role of head coach despite having no previous affiliation with the club which shows the strength of the relationship which has been formed between the two.

As a result of the work done by the Fingal Leinster staff, and the great work done by the school, the aim for next season is to get the girls playing 7s and participating in Leinsters tier 2 events.

The boys were also introduced to contact sessions with the aim of forming a 7s team.

Coolmine Community School

When the opportunity came to play for the Leinster Rugby Fingal County Council team in the Metro Council Cup the boys jumped at it and on the finals day 11 Coolmine CS players were on the team.

With the success of the programmes that have been run the school have entered a junior team into Division 3A for next season.

This will be the first time Coolmine CS have fielded a rugby team in a competitive league – a sign of the fantastic progress the school has made.

Coolmine RFC will be providing coaches from the club to coach the school team to give them the best chance to perform in the league.

The school and club relationship has grown throughout the year coupled with the guidance from the Leinster Branch staff in Fingal.

Previously a non-rugby school, Coolmine CS has embraced rugby in a short space of time. We will look forward to seeing how the boys and girls get on over the coming year.

Coolmine Community School

After a successful year of integrating rugby, Coolmine held their annual sports awards on Tuesday.

The awards this year focused on the full contact game of rugby, with the criteria based on commitment to the game/training, teamwork and incorporating the core values of rugby.

Coolmine RFC’s Gary Clarke came in to present the trophy to the very deserving Alex Omatade who has made excellent progress since the first day of training.

Alex always has a smile on his face whether he is making or taking tackles and was great to work with as were all of his teammates.

As well as getting an award Alex also received a one-year paid membership to Coolmine RFC on what was a fantastic day for rugby in the school.

If your school is in the Fingal area and is interested in getting involved with rugby contact Stephen Costelloe, Fingal CRO, at or 087-9844168.