Coach Development Officers responsible for supporting and educating coaches in our clubs and schools right across the province have had huge success in recent times and the impact of their work is becoming apparent with the increasing pool of talent now available to Leo Cullen and in particular the exciting skill levels that these players possess.

However, under the IRFU’s Strategic Direction of the Development of Irish Rugby (2016 – 2021) plan the emphasis has changed slightly. The objective continues to be the “provision of high quality coaching experience for all players” but the emphasis is now on updating the coach education programme to reflect best practice through innovation and the introduction of blended learning to include e-learning.  With that in mind, Leinster Rugby have appointed Derek Maybury to the role of Coach Development Manager.

Derek has worked with Leinster rugby since 2007 and most recently he was responsible for coach development in the Midlands area. Derek has been a crucial member of the team that has delivered high level coaching courses in recent years but he is now looking forward to working to develop the next stage in the evolution of Leinster Rugby’s coach education programme to support clubs and schools as they strive to give every player the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Derek will oversee the development and implementation of existing and new coach development programmes and resources. He will lead, manage and motivate Leinster’s team of coach development staff and at the same time develop a new Continuous Professional Development programme for qualified coaches. This will ensure that every coach from minis rugby to the highest level of senior rugby will have a clear pathway to development with the resources in place to advance along that pathway at their own required pace. Derek will also be responsible for ensuring that these programmes are promoted in a positive manner at local and provincial level.

Everyone at Leinster Rugby would like to take this opportunity to wish Derek the very best of luck in his new role which we all feel confident will benefit every club and school in the province as well as ensuring the continued development of world class young professional players. We achieve our success from the ground up and our support of grass roots coaches is a perfect example of how this is achieved.