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2018/19 Leinster Rugby Branch Handbook

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Women’s League and Cup Regulations

Youths Green Card Application Form

Youths Transfer Regulations & Form

 Summary of Changes to the Regulations 2017/18

1. Definition of ineligible player “is a player who is not entitled to play for a Club or in a match under these Regulations”.
2. The Committee reserve the right to insist that a Club plays at a higher or lower level in a League (it is only at Cup level at present).
3. Current professional players or those contracted within the last 3 years are not elegible to play in any competition. (it was 5 years)
4. Contravention of the six-match rule automatically results in the loss of the League points or the match if it is a Cup match and any other sanctions deemed necessary by the hearing Committee.
5. For all other breaches of the Regulations the penalties (to include breach of the 4 match rule) are discretionary.
6. Technical zones are mandatory in all matches, the main pitch must be marked by paint but for seconds and third pitches then can be marked by cones. Referees to report Clubs that do not comply with this Regulation and penalties will apply.
7. Coaches shall not be water boys.
8. The number of overseas players in lower divisions is increased to allow for those coming here to work and in particular those who have never played rugby before.
9. Team sheets to show all players, either on the subs bench or already on the pitch, capable of playing in the front row.
10. Players from outside the jurisdiction who have NEVER played rugby before do not have to attend at the Branch office, but they must fill out a form, email a copy of their form and passport to the office BEFORE they can commence to play or train for their Club (their insurance status would be questionable otherwise).
11. Residency requirement has increased from 3 to 5 years to be deemed Irish qualified (IRFU).