As part of the commitment to support and develop coaches at all levels of the game, Leinster Rugby and the IRFU are delighted to present the first of our online coaching video resources. These resources are intended to initially support the development of Stage 1 coaches and players, supplementing the body of information provided on the IRFU Mini Rugby Coaching Courses.

Stage 1 rugby coaching sessions revolve around players playing the game. It is intended that this simple guide will help coaches recognise the movement of players in general play through the development of two identifiable groups – the ‘Players on the ball’ and the ‘Players in the space’. By helping coaches of Stage 1 rugby to understand this movement of players they will be better able to develop players’ game-sense.

The videos reflect the reality of Stage 1 rugby, asking the coach – Can you see? specific skill components. Where the players’ capacities to play the game are inhibited by a lack of skills, the coach may set about developing these through reduced activities.

This coach development resource is supplemented by the work of the Community Rugby Officers throughout Leinster who run a series of coach development workshops.

For information on workshops already scheduled please click here or to arrange to host a coach development workshop in your club/school you can contact your local Community Rugby Officer:

Community Rugby Officer Contacts

Steve Coy

North Midlands
Tom McKeown

North East
Colm Finnegan

South East
Stephen Gore

Stephen Costello

Dublin City
Billy Phelan

Aoife Thompson

Stephen Maher

Ken Knaggs

South Dublin
Ken Moore

Damien McCabe

Adam Griggs

The IRFU would like to thank the Community Rugby Officers in Leinster Rugby and the Mini Rugby coaches and players in Coolmine RFC for their involvement in bringing this initiative to fruition.


Other Video Resources

Two Identifiable Groups

Developing ‘on the ball’ Skills

Developing ‘in the space’ Skills