Our purpose is to affect and support high quality sustainable rugby environments for all by encouraging, promoting, growing and organising the participation in and playing of rugby in the twelve counties of Leinster.


Leinster Rugby is delighted to work in partnership with all County Councils within the 12 counties and provide a rugby experience for all. Our purpose is to make sure everyone is afforded the opportunity to enjoy the game of rugby.

Council/Community Gap
Through our ongoing relationships with county councils, Leinster Rugby provide staff for community camps across the province during the summer, Halloween and Easter. Camps are staffed with our CROs (Community Rugby Officers) and CCROs (Club Community Rugby Officers) who have close ties and knowledge of the community.

Silver Sneakers
Silver Sneakers is a programme of tag/walking rugby for veterans (55+). This programme re-engages with the retired rugby players, as well as introduce the game to a new community.

Inclusion Camps
A game for all – Leinster Rugby’s professional staff, working with volunteers, provide an all-inclusive game of rugby for people of all abilities throughout the province. In 2019, we broke the mould, and ran our very own inclusion camps alongside our traditional Leinster Rugby Summer Camps, something we strive to build on year-on-year.

Youths at Risk
Our professional staff work with councils to provide an outlet for youths at risk within the communities. Such programmes include; pop up clubs, rugby on the green, young offenders and additional support to ‘rapid areas’.

Rugby for All/Change for Life
These programmes are for people of all abilities and age groups. Ran with the council and Leinster Rugby, between communities, to allow people to come together so they can experience rugby training and games, facilitated by Leinster Rugby community staff.

Community/Club Development
Leinster Rugby offers support and guidance on growing and developing clubs throughout the province. Professional staff have expertise and knowledge to make sure clubs and community groups have all the tools needed to ensure that they can be a success.

The primary school programme is supported by ALDI Ireland and the IRFU. To sign up for this programme, contact your local CRO. A list of CROs can be found on the Leinster Rugby website.

The programme is easily adapted for any age and ability which is managed by Leinster Rugby staff in conjunction with primary school staff.

A programme of tag rugby is run over a six-week period, that being five weeks of tag rugby in the school building skill development and fundamental movement skills. Followed by a blitz on week six of the programme, in the local rugby club against other schools taking part in the programme.

ALDI Play Rugby
ALDI PLay Rugby is a support resource which is based around principles of fun, participation and skill development predominantly for primary schools. The website and sign up are intended to support the continued playing of the games by the schools teachers, post Leinster Rugby staff interaction. Staff will be available to support post-initial ‘block of interaction’ over the entire academic year to the teachers working within the ALDI Play Rugby programme and to schools who attend quarterly area blitzes.

Teacher Training (area specific)
Leinster Rugby provides an opportunity for primary school teachers to develop skills such as coaching and management through the introduction of tag rugby, 2-3 hour workshops focused on Game Based Approach (GBA) with both on- and off-pitch support.


  • Run by Leinster Rugby community staff in conjunction with teachers and coaches within the school
  • Enables the secondary school to provide the opportunity to play rugby across a variety of disciplines
  • Training provided within timetables or during out-of-school hours
  • Encourage appropriate participation in Leinster Rugby competitions


Children Coach Award
Leinster Rugby provide coaching courses for players aged Under-6 to Under-12 based on the IRFU Long Term Development Pathway (LTPD). These are specially designed to support coaches in coaching content, planning and their appropriate interaction with young players.

Youth Coach Award
This coaching course focuses on the needs of players aged Under-13 to Under-15, and on the coaching processes appropriate to working with players at this level.

Senior Coach Award
The Senior Coach Award focuses on the needs of players aged Under-16 to Under-18 and adult junior level players.

Coaching Clinics/Workshops
Leinster Rugby coaching clinics and workshops are 2-3 hour interactions with coaches both on and off the pitch and are designed to further evolve and support the coach at club, community and school level. There is an online resource to add value to the face-to-face interaction, which can be found on the Leinster Rugby website.

ALDI Teacher Training
There is a week-long course as well as workshops, ran on the first week of July for teachers of primary school. This course is run in conjunction with local education centres, Leinster Rugby, Irish Rugby and ALDI Ireland. Aimed at teaching tag rugby through fundamental movement skills.

For more information on Leinster Rugby’s coach development, contact your local CRO.


Bank of Ireland Leinster Rugby Summer Camps
Leinster Rugby Summer Camps provide boys and girls, aged 6-12, with a fun-filled week of rugby during the summer holidays. They are held in 28 venues across the province.

Bank of Ireland Leinster Rugby Inclusion Camps
Leinster Rugby Inclusion Camps are aimed at children of all abilities, aged 6-15, are run at five venues in conjunction with the summer camps.

Bank of Ireland Leinster Rugby School of Excellence
The School of Excellence camp aims to provide both boys and girls aged 12-17 with a comprehensive rugby package, which allows the camp goers to experience a week in the life of a professional rugby player.

Bank of Ireland Leinster Rugby Girls Easter Camps
Leinster Rugby Girls Easter Camps are aimed at girls aged 8-16, run over the Easter holidays with attendees splitting into age appropriate groups.

For more information on Leinster Rugby’s coach development, contact your local CRO.


Women’s Development Officers (WDO)

Leinster Rugby have four development officers tasked with driving the female game – specifically for the younger age groups. All four officers deal with girls’ school and club rugby in their regions. Jennie Bagnall is the lead officer and covers the South East and North Midlands of the province, Niall Kane covers the North East and Midlands, Emily McKeown covers the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown region, and Larissa Muldoon covers Dublin City.

Mini Girls

Girls rugby for 6-12 years olds is on the rise. In all clubs, girls can join in with boys at the age group, but in most clubs there are also girls-only teams and sections. To find out if your local club has mini girls teams please contact the club mini co-ordinator or your local development officer. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in starting a new mini girls section in a club.

Youth Girls

Many clubs cater for youth girls rugby – (age 13-18). Age groups for teams are Under-14, Under-16 and Under- 18. Competitions are run by Leinster Youth Committee and matches usually take place on Saturdays.

Primary School

In primary school environments, girls play rugby with boys. For more information on our Aldi Play Rugby Programs for Primary School children please see above.

Secondary School

In secondary schools we offer different options for girls. Tag Rugby can be played in all years and ages can be mixed.

Contact Rugby – Touch To Tackle program (First Years)

These programs are led by WDOs and CCROs and are developed to accommodate small numbers of players (from 7 a-side).

Aimed at first years, to introduce the concept of contact rugby in a safe and enjoyable environment, the Touch to Tackle program takes players through the skills from touch rugby, teaching how to fall and tackle safely and gradually introduces the different technical aspects of the game such as the scrum (uncontested) and lineouts (non-lifted).


This is a more competitive form of the game, with full-contact tackle, rucks and scrums and is available for Juniors (2nd/3rd years) to play in a team of 7 a-side (squad max 14), or for Seniors (4th-6th years). The IRFU and Leinster Rugby run competitive events between September and March each year.  For info on how to get involved please contact WDOs.

Try Tens

This is a new form of the game for those with more experience in rugby and for schools with greater numbers playing. It’s a 10 a-side full contact form of rugby for Seniors (4th-6th years) only.

Player Development

Regional Squads for both club and schools players are in operation throughout the season, overseen by Coach Development Officers, Player Development Coaches and the regional branches of the Youth Leinster Committee. A Leinster Girls Under-18 Squad competes in an Interprovincial Series each season.

For more information on Leinster Rugby’s female rugby programmes, contact your local WDO.