There will be an Affiliated Referees Workshop in Gorey RFC on Monday 30th September at 7.30pm hosted by David O Brien from the IRFU referees department…

Club & School Affiliated Referees
These are defined as Adult persons (18 years +) who:
• Are qualified and appointed, by a school or club, (to referee a match, or training session) to whom they are affiliated.
• Are qualified and appointed by their school or club (or requested by the Branch) to a ‘blitz’ or similar tournament in which their school or club is participating.
• Are not available for appointment to matches by the Branch or Branch Referee Associations/ Society.

(Club & School Affiliated Referees may also apply, if they wish, for full membership of their Provincial Referee Associations/Society)

Qualification Requirements
Club & School Affiliated Referees qualify by:
• Attendance at IRFU Club & School Affiliated Referee Workshop.
• Database registration.
• Qualification is valid for 4 Seasons (inclusive of initial season of validation).
• Qualification must be renewed during 4th Season (i.e.: Workshop re-attendance).

• Accreditation ‘card’ (email) with re-validation (expiry) season.
• Registered on IRFU/Provincial database as Club & School Affiliated Referees.
• Access via the IRFU website ( on all Law changes and rulings.
• IRFU 3rd party liability insurance.

Places are still available. Contact Declan O’Brien at to book.