The Leinster Rugby Junior committee has set up a working group to review the current Adult Men’s league structure. This is to help establish a structure for the club game at the less competitive levels  (Metro 5 down and Leinster League Div2B and Div 3) that reflects player’s and club’s needs. The overall goal is to increase player participation taking the leagues into 2023 and beyond.

Following the return to rugby in the wake of the Covid pandemic, Leinster Rugby has observed changes to social and personal circumstances that have made availability less predictable. The increased demand on players time has also made travelling long distances less desirable.

Leinster clubs play an important role within our communities. We are all responsible for the sustainability, growth and development of rugby in our province. In order to make informed and best decisions, we need your help. Your feedback is essential and will help clubs playing at the grassroots generate better participation for years to come.

A survey covering questions such as regionalization of competitions, timing of when games are played, season structure, pathway to include promotion etc., has been sent to Club Honorary Secretaries, to be completed by Tuesday, 20th December 2022 by players, coaches, team manager, directors of Rugby and others involved in the administration of the club game.

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According to the Chair of the working group, Philip Brady: “These are exciting times to be involved in rugby in Ireland. The Irish team is ranked No. 1 in the World. The sport is built on foundations that include a vibrant club structure. However, club rugby faces many challenges. As demands on players grow through their working lives, it is becoming more challenging to find time to commit to playing and supporting club rugby in our communities. For these reasons and in order to continue to adapt to the demands of modern life, Leinster Rugby decided to carry out a review of the lower Leinster & Metro Leagues to see how we can support and foster the club game so that rugby remains at the centre of our wider community.”

President of Leinster Rugby, Debbie Carty, had this to say on the work being carried out by Philip’s working group: “The club game is the lifeblood of rugby in our community. It is vital to the continued success of Leinster and Irish Rugby that the clubs in our Province continue to grow and prosper. Rugby provides a sporting and social offering to every member of our diverse community, men and women, boys and girls, young and old and those with physical and intellectual challenges. This review will help address issues encountered by our clubs with the goal of keeping club rugby alive and vibrant in our diverse community in Leinster.”

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