In honour of Valentine’s Day, the Old Belvedere Ladies were asked to finish the statement “I LOVE RUGBY BECAUSE”…

The responses highlighted how rugby really is a sport for everyone & how some are so glad to have taken it up. Have a read and see if you agree! if you’re not playing rugby yet – WHY NOT?? Get down to your local club and let rugby work it’s magic on you too!


…It’s empowering! Every training session & match gives you a huge sense of achievement and you can’t beat that winning feeling at the end of the day!

…Despite all of the backs and forwards slagging, it takes a whole team to score a try.

…You see such positive traits in your team mates on & off the pitch – skill, strength, passion, commitment, attitude, compassion – kind of makes any gender issues irrelevant!

… It’s the best stress relief in the world!

… I am encouraged to be strong and aggressive. I’m told to be vocal, hit hard and I get to play a great sport with my team mates and opponents whom I respect more than any other women I have ever met!

… I’ve been converted from football!!

…It’s like a second family, and you’d do anything for your family.

…Without rugby, I’d have had a much harder time when I moved to Ireland – as soon as I joined Belvo, I suddenly had a social circle of 50+ people! I love rugby because as well as being a great way to keep fit and learn new skills, I have grown in confidence, made great friends and have had an amazing time (even when up to my neck in mud!).

… You share mud, blood, the pain of losing, the joy of winning & it allows you to really believe in yourself and feel proud of what you can do as an athlete and as a team.

… In Belvo I have been given the opportunity to learn from top class players and coaches who always see ability in players. I have joined a team that I can call my friends. Training is exciting and the matches are battles but everything is done for the team and not the individuals. I have joined many clubs in different sports and not one has ever come close to matching the camaraderie in Belvo.