The first annual DCC cup has started and is the next step in development for competent young rugby players from non- traditional rugby schools…

The competition has been set up to facilitate the growth of the sport of the Dublin City region and is seen as a stepping stone for teams into the Development Cups.

All of the teams have undertaken a period of preparation, with most participating in localised training sessions and blitzes pre-Christmas.

The hope from the competition is that more of the players will go to further their rugby experience by playing in clubs, and the local clubs will be invited to the matches to speak to the players.

The ethos of rugby has been very much in evidence thus far, with all schools playing with discipline and fairness through were physical encounters.

Other programmes that are upcoming in the DCC area are the DCC blitz which will take place in may with around 400 kids that have been coached through 6 week blocks of tag rugby.

Also in mid May, will be the culmination of the Dublinia U14 team, were a group of kids, again from non traditional areas will play against a known rugby school, having participated in 8 weeks of coaching by Leinster community rugby officers.