The I.R.F.U. and Leinster Rugby were delighted with the turnout of over 50 coaches for the second annual fitness seminar which was held in St. Mary’s College RFC recently…

This seminar was aimed at rugby coaches working at all levels. This year more presenters and different topics were added to the lineup. The topics that will be covered are as follows:

Topic 1 – How to Develop Speed in our players

Presenter – Des Ryan (IRFU Fitness Education Manager)

Topic 2 – Introducing Olympic lifting as a training tool

Presenter – Sami Dowling (Leinster Rugby N.T.P. Fitness Coach)

Topic 3 – Leinster Rugby Academy – Strategies used to physically develop rugby union players

Presenter – Tom Turner (Leinster Rugby Academy Fitness Coach)

The seminar was of great use to coaches who would like to know what is the most appropriate and practical method to develop their players. Also the seminar was ideal for coaches who would like to introduce something new and challenging to their training.

“I was delighted with the turnout for the seminar”, said Des Ryan (IRFU’s Fitness Education Manager). “It was great to see so many like-minded people in one room sharing ideas and asking interesting questions. I hope the coaches found the evening informative and also that the evening increased awareness of the IRFU’s fitness education pathway.

“I am looking forward to meeting more people at the seminars in the other provinces. I would like to thank the presenters and everyone at Leinster Rugby for helping to organise the event, especially Phil Lawlor for his help.”