Due to the increasing complexity of managing the game of rugby at both amateur and professional level, the IRFU has a recognised need to recruit in-house legal counsel and so, wishes to invite applications for the position of ‘Legal Director’…

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The Legal Director will work closely with the IRFU Chief Executive and Senior Management Team, providing a range of general legal advice and services in relation to the day to day operations of the IRFU in order to ensure legal and regulatory compliance, management of legal risks and good corporate governance including:

• Commercial agreements including licences, sponsorship agreements, trade mark and intellectual property protection and third party agreements;

• Sport specific matters such as competition regulations, anti-doping, child protection and agreements with international sports bodies;

• Disciplinary regulations and hearings;

• All employment law matters;

• Property leases, licences and conveyances;

• Litigation in respect of insurance claims and threatened or actual legal actions;

• Good governance including laws, regulations and tournament rules / agreements;

• Corporate matters such as data protection, consumer rights, banking legal work;

• Media matters and;

• Instructing external legal advisors where appropriate.