For the forthcoming 2011 RBS 6 Nations fixtures versus France (Sunday, February 13) and England (Saturday, March 19), the IRFU has announced the introduction of a new tiered pricing structure…

The Aviva Stadium has a capacity of 51,700 seats. 21,700 of those seats are committed to IRFU programmes across advance 10 year premium ticket sales, advanced 10 year ticket sales (2003, 2005), visiting Union allocations, sponsors, former internationals, press box, corporate hospitality programme, corporate boxes and committee box.

The remaining 30,000 seats (approximate), which include general admission seats and seats at premium level, are committed to the branches for dissemination amongst the constituent clubs of the IRFU.

This new tiered pricing structure will see the introduction of five general admission ticket categories for these two RBS 6 Nations matches

The prices of these tickets, with approximate numbers per category, will be as follows: –

Schoolboy/Schoolgirl: €;15 X 1,800 tickets in North Stand (62.5% price reduction)

Category 4: €;50 X 2,500 in East and West Upper Stands /Touchlines (50% price reduction)

Category 3: €;65 X 5,000 in East / West / South Upper Stands
and portions of North Stand ( 35% price reduction)

Category 2: €;80 X 4,500 in East /West/ South and portions of North Stand (20% price reduction)

Category 1: €;90 X 13,000 in East / West /South Stands (10% price reduction)

Premium Level Tickets: 3,200 will continue to be available for sale at €;125

The IRFU Committee has formalised the new tiered pricing structure following a recommendation from its Management Committee.

In making the announcement of the new ticket pricing structure Pat Fitzgerald, Chairman of the IRFU Commercial and Marketing Committee, who chaired the ticket working group, said: “I believe our new approach, which reflects input from our branches, our clubs and the general public, will go a long way towards balancing the requirements of the differing constituents.

“The new structure sees a reduction of between 10% and 62.5% in the ticket pricing from category 1 to schoolboy/schoolgirl tickets.

“In approaching the issue we were tasked by the Union to come up with a pricing structure which would provide attractive options to supporters at various levels and secure capacity crowds for both France and England. We also needed to be cognisant of the key role international fixtures play in generating the income required to manage and develop the game at both the domestic and professional levels.”

The new ticket pricing will not involve linkage and will be reviewed in advance of the RBS 2012 6 Nations series.