CUS Milano Rugby is a branch of the major universities in Milan, but historically it runs rugby for players from U6 to U16.
There are currently about 25 rugby coaches and more than 450 players within the club at this level. As well as looking after rugby in the club they also deliver rugby sessions in some schools in the Milan area, some of which French and English are the first language of the children.

There is also a team for Politecnico di Milano (future Architects and Engineers over 20 years). All our coaches studied physical coaching at university, and attended rugby courses delivered by Federazione Italiana Rugby.

We are looking for an experienced coach to join our staff next season 2012/13.

The coach we are looking for should have a good expertise in coaching young players, and leading physical trainings, and should aim to try a professional experience in Italy, where rugby is gaining hugely in popularity. We are really looking for an experienced rugby coach, able to transfer his knowledge to the staff and to help develop coaching and player pathways for the club.

Our activity starts at the end of August and lasts until the beginning of June, and can even be extended for organizing summer camps. We are planning to provide a room in the students’ residence (close to the pitch), and a small car (insurance & taxes included, fuel excluded) plus a net salary of €;400 per month. He should be busy from 5 PM to 9 PM during the week (likely 1 day off), 3 PM to 6 PM on Saturday, and as needed on Sunday for tournaments and matches.

If you are interested in taking this opportunity or are looking to find out more about the role please contact:
Sergio Vicinanza –