At the end of October, something truly magical happened at MU Barnhall.

Keith Barry, the world-renowned mentalist, magician and hypnotist, put on a spectacular Halloween show for the club.

So how did Keith Barry end up doing magic tricks for MU Barnhall?

Keith is a proud member of  MU Barnhall and a minis coach with the U-10s, who his son plays with. The club, in conjunction with CCRO Luke Ingleton and club man Peter Black, worked with Keith to arrange a special treat for everyone.

Keith who is used to hosting online magic shows, through the various stages of lockdown, mentioned how he was more focussed on the MU Barnhall show as his fellow coaches would never let him forget it if a trick went pear shaped!

He also explained how he wanted to give something back to his own rugby club and that in a world where nobody can go to the theatre or see live shows, this is the next best thing. It was a gesture much appreciated by everybody at the club.

The link to the show was sent to all members, and had over 300 families tuned in. 

Everyone got into the spirit and made a great effort dressing up, there was also a guest appearance from MU Barnhall’s seven-foot Blue Bull Mascot ‘Barney Hall’, but what was more impressive is how he managed to log on with those hooves!

A best dressed competition was held and prizes were given to the Colthorpe, Tighe, Egan and Hynes families.

Keith put on a truly mesmerising performance which included many magic tricks which left the audience speechless. He included many families within the show and it was a truly magic way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The MU Barnhall family would like to extend a special thank you to Keith Barry and his team for spreading some much needed cheer over Halloween.