Week three of the Bank of Ireland Leinster Rugby School of Excellence made a big impact as students learned key lessons to be applied on and off the pitch.

Key learnings from School of Excellence head coach, Ben Armstrong:
Prepare for each day: Come to training ready and rested. Expect to be on your feet for 4+ hours a day. Stay hydrated (bring water bottles) and appropriate gear for the weather conditions.
Recovery is key on a daily basis to prepare for the day ahead – foam rollers, bands, and trigger point balls can be a big help. Use the time in the pool to your benefit and don’t just splash around.
(Also, this probably is not the best week to break in new boots!)
Be a sponge: Be teachable and willing to learn new ideas or approaches. Listen to everything said by any coaches you work with and try to put it into practice – even if you don’t succeed at first – the fact that you are trying stands out, and over time, will develop into habit.
Learn to do the basics well: Be patient and don’t rush the process. Good practice turns into habit. Rugby is simple. Leinster became champions from pure, precise passing and a technical understanding of the game. Create good habits and they will be solid under pressure.
Finally, enjoy the process – but step out of your comfort zone: Don’t do what you always do. Play and room with people from different schools and clubs. Rugby is a small world and friendships from these weeks can last a lifetime.
The Bank of Ireland School of Excellence is a high performance rugby camp designed for players aged 12- 17.  Training sessions focus on position specific pitch skills, fitness, and tactical development.

Accredited Leinster Rugby coaches have carefully designed the comprehensive training programme that accounts for all aspects of the players’ day-to-day activity including proper nutrition, recovery, and mental resilience.

Camp objectives aim for an improved understanding of training and match day preparation, enhanced ball handling skills, an opportunity to meet new friends, and a fun week of rugby as players prepare for their upcoming seasons.
Players benefit from:

• Top class coaching by professional coaches from Leinster Rugby
• Sports psychology session
• Team building
• Weekly guest speaker
• Leinster Academy player visits
• Gym & flexibility work
• Video analysis
• Positional clinics
• Nutrition talk
• Daily swimming pool recovery
• Revised menu approved by Leinster Rugby Nutritionist
The fourth and School of Excellence runs Monday 10th – Friday 14th August with separate boys and girls camps in session.