Over the months of July and August, a number of players from the Leinster Senior and Academy panels have been cooking up a storm in the Cooks Academy kitchen taking hands-on cooking lessons to improve their life skills…

Leinster Team Nutritionist Emma McCrudden worked with Cooks Academy Head Tutor Dave Rice in creating the course content, teaching the players about meal planning, healthy cooking methods and techniques to cater for their demanding nutritional needs and active lifestyles.

Leinster Team Nutritionist, Emma McCrudden said: “The players at Leinster have an appreciation for how integral nutrition is in allowing them to train, recover and prepare for competition. It’s important that players understand what goes into their meals and how to cook fresh, nutritious food that is packed with calories and not too expensive to make. We have worked hard to make these classes simple, realistic to what players will be able to cook at home and have some fun at the same time. I’d encourage anyone who is serious about their sport to learn some simple skills in the kitchen to support their training.”

Cooks Academy’s Head Tutor Dave Rice added: “The Leinster players have really benefited from learning how to cook simple nutritious food, providing dishes that they will be able to continue to cook for themselves to fit into their training and dietary programmes in the future.”

Cooks Academy Tutors were delighted with the way the players performed in the kitchen and inspired with their new found culinary dexterity.

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