Applications are invited for the position of Leinster Community Rugby Officer based in the Fingal County Council area. This position is co-funded by Fingal County Council…



Community Rugby Officer


Support club volunteers to increase the number of male and female players. Ensure that clubs have the appropriate capacity and capability to increase the number of participants and effectively engage with the local community.
Develop and coordinate community rugby programmes with specific target groups within Fingal


Community Rugby Manager

Reporting procedure

– An agreed annual work programme must be submitted to the Community Rugby Manager and The Principal Sports Officer. This plan will take into consideration consultation with Schools, Fingal County Council, local rugby clubs and other specialist stakeholders.
– Submit reports on dates outlined by Community Rugby Manager
– Programme evaluations to be provided to Fingal County Council, Senior Sports Officer on a monthly basis.


The role does not involve line management; however there is a requirement for the individual to work closely with “client” clubs / Club Development officers/ schools and liaise with Coach Development section on an ongoing basis to identify needs and opportunities. Must have the ability to work with volunteer club members.

To develop partnership and co-ordination between Fingal County Council, Rugby Clubs and voluntary bodies, maximizing their involvement in the development of Rugby in the county


Mini-rugby and/or Foundation level coaching qualification, with experience in coaching children at Stage 1 and Stage 2 LTPD essential, and ideally, experience in dealing with volunteers / organisations in a support capacity.


See matrix


– Responsible for the geographical area of Fingal
– Responsible for growing the game in identified clubs, schools and/or colleges and ensuring players have a life long experience in the game. This equally applies to both the male and female disciplines of the game.
– Maintain up to date records of all clubs and their status/progress against agreed Rugby Operational Development Plans.
– Working with the Community Rugby Manager (CRM) to implementation Community Rugby partnerships – this may result in a cluster of clubs working together to employ local development officer who undertakes rugby development activities in the community and with schools. This requires the CRO to have a good knowledge of provincial funding sources (ie LSP, County Councils, RAPID etc) and the ability to develop partnership agreements for the good of Irish Rugby.
– Identify potential feeder schools for clubs, and initiate interaction with schools. Prioritise schools for a rugby development programme and as required deliver these programmes (e.g., organise a block schedule to include coaching sessions, courses as per individual school needs).
– Under the leadership of the CRM, deliver Blitzes/Extravaganzas, To include community focused rugby programmes with identified target groups. etc.
– Have a full understanding of Club Support Scheme criteria – to include all development programmes, administration and when required ‘signposting’ all issues back to the IRFU (please note that in 2010/2011 season a review of the Club Support Scheme will occur. This may result in the implementation of a Club Award programme).
– Have a basic knowledge of support documents / templates available to clubs.
– Work with clubs so that they will benefit from provincial programmes to develop and recognise volunteers.
– Provide assistance / advise on general club development issues
– As required, implement seminars/workshops to increase the knowledge and expertise of volunteers.
– Work with allocated clubs to ensure that they embrace the IRFU Child Welfare Policy and have an appointed Child Welfare Officer. Report clubs that are not compliant to Programmes / Participation Manager.
– Facilitate the operation of IRFU Tag in designated clubs and in the community.
– Facilitate the operation of summer camps as requested.
– Facilitate projects as determined by the Domestic Rugby Manager.
– Have responsibility for the operation of Summer Camps (as per the IRFU Policy). This includes; approving venues, distribution of promotional literature, monitoring camp capacity and appointment of suitably qualified coaches.
– Ensure clubs are active and update the player registration system each season to ensure player numbers are accurate. Report clubs that are not compliant to Community Rugby Manager.

Coordinate the delivery of rugby programmes in primary and secondary schools.

Coordinate the delivery of future Leinster Rugby and / or Fingal County Council Programmes.


The role will require the CRO to discharge their duties under a 5 / 7 working arrangement, working 3 evenings a week and 1 day at the weekend. Core days will be determined by the Domestic Rugby Manager. The number of hours worked will be specified in the contract of employment.


i. Rugby Metrics (within the individuals designated cluster of clubs, schools and colleges)
– Increasing the number of teams across Age Grade and Adult teams
– Promotion of the LTPD and adherence of all clubs, schools and colleges to the IRFU policy in relation to the LTPD
– All clubs comply/achieve 100% in club support scheme (or equivalent should the Q Award be implemented)
– Clubs comply with the IRFU Child Welfare policy
– Clubs have an Active Club Development Plans

ii. Business Metrics
– Performance management of staff
– Budget management
– Securing revenue/resources from commercial and government sources
– Managing all national programmes to agreed quantity and quality.
– Managing provincial programmes ensuring they are on-time and within budget

iii. Professional Approach
– Achieving a high profile within club rugby through club visits, seminars and other rugby public occasions and conferences.
– Provide early warning of projects and programmes that are falling behind target dates or over-running on budget


– Community Rugby Officer is prohibited from partaking in additional employment with any associated Club or School.

CV plus letter of application should be sent to:

Declan Fassbender,
Leinster Rugby,
55 Main Street,
Dublin 4


by e-mail to:

*The closing date for receipt of application is 24th March 2011 at 5pm