The weekly Evening Herald supplement has resumed for the new season and it has been an enormous success since its introduction five seasons ago…CLUB GUIDELINES…

We would encourage clubs to use this vital medium which has a daily readership of 300,000. We are conscious that a lot of clubs do an enormous amount of work in the local media, and in some cases it will be a simple case of adding on to your weekly list.

Match reports will not be published, as they date.

Perhaps there’s a budding journalist and photographer in your club? The types of articles that we are interested in are human interest features, club profiles, player profiles, looking back on famous past great teams or matches or honouring past players who received international or provincial recognition. Perhaps there are two sets of twins playing on the one team, or a father and son playing in the J4s? Maybe your club is hoping to go on tour and will be holding a fundraiser or maybe a famous player or coach attended a recent training session?

When writing articles always ask yourself; WOULD I BE INTERESTED IN READING THIS ARTICLE?

If you are looking for advice on the type of newsworthy pieces that will be published, please e-mail for advice and we will steer you in the right direction.

Remember, in many cases we don’t even need an article. A high resolution photo and a 3 or 4 line caption will suffice.

E-mail your news for the Evening Herald to before 5pm on the Monday of each week and please include a high resolution j-peg image to accompany your article with a correctly spelt caption (eg: Joe Bloggs, honorary secretary of Leinster Rugby Club, receiving a trophy to mark his retirement from club sponsor John Smith, Bank of Ireland). If an event is taking place on say the Tuesday or the Wednesday, it can still go into that week’s supplement provided that a received time has been agreed beforehand.

It is important to stick to agreed deadlines. Remember, the sooner you get your stories in, the better.

If a piece is not used for the Evening Herald we will try and use it for the website or we will keep it for another date.

We began a new CLUB NOTES section for clubs who are trying to promote internal events, announcements, fundraisers etc, so if you don’t have an article per se, why not send through a 150 word piece each week, thus ensuring regular content is being received.