Leinster Rugby has been certified as a Healthy Place to Work. This prestigious award recognises that the province and its employees are leading the way in creating a healthy, high-performing environment.

John Ryan, CEO Healthy Place to Work Ireland, visited the Leinster Rugby head office in UCD to present Leinster Rugby CEO Mick Dawson with a certificate in recognition of the achievement.

Healthy Place to Work

The Healthy Place to Work certification assessed how well the organisation is using a strategic and evidence-based approach to decisions in supporting performance and health outcomes, as well as the employee perspective on their capacity to work, learn and grow.

A Healthy Place to Work is one where people understand the purpose of their work and how it aligns with the organisation; are part of a learning environment where they are able to adapt and grow; have connections with others and the organisation that allow them to be at their best; and where people have the energy to sustainably deliver on their and the organisation’s objectives.

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