Leinster Rugby’s Community Rugby Officer delivers a workshop for all the coaches…

Leinster Rugby’s Community Rugby Officer Stephen Gore delivered a workshop for all the coaches covering the topic of players in space.

There were about 35 coaches from all the schools in attendance at the workshop which was held in UCD.

The workshop showed the coaches games and drill’s based on handling, passing and re alignment which will help the coaches to get their players to preserve space and hold their width.

The participant’s showed great enthusiasm energy and eagerness to learn through-out the workshop and they have arranged for the Leinster tutor’s to come back and deliver a further 2 workshop’s on different topic’s .

If you would like to run workshop or seminar in your club/school please contact your local Community Rugby Officer.
Stephen Gore DLR County Council 086 6087943 stephen.gore@leinsterrugby.ie

Maurice Logue  South Leinster 087 2362663 maurice.logue@leinsterrugby.ie

Steve Coy North Leinster 086 8599774 steve.coy@leinsterrugby.ie

Billy Phelan Dublin City Council 0868688314 billy.phelan@leinsterrugby.ie

Gerry McCleery Fingal County Council 086 2422829 ger.mcCleerly@leinsterrugby.ie