The Association of Referees Leinster Branch (ARLB) ran a hugely successful pre season Seminar on Sunday, August 16th in Dublin’s Green Isle Hotel…

Almost 160 referees and assessors attended and 40 potential recruits were present for an introductory module.

Former international Reggie Corrigan presented an in-depth analysis of scrummage issues that arose in the opening Test game for the 2009 Lions. His was a hugely impressive piece and all in the room were appreciative of the preparation that had gone into his piece. Illegal front rows beware for the season ahead! The period of experimentation with the Laws of the Game is now over.

Former international Dave Mc Hugh, on behalf of the IRFU referee office, gave a detailed account of what is in and what is out for the coming season. Three of the top young Leinster referees (Dudley Philips, John Carvill and Paul Haycock) made a joint presentation on the contentious area of tackle and post tackle.

The afternoon speaker was Leinster coach, Michael Cheika who provided a wonderful insight into the world of the professional coach and the core values he brings to his work with the Heineken Cup champions.

The attending referees appreciated his honesty and his insights into the complex interaction between teams, coaches and match officials.

The Seminar is a major part of pre -season for all match officials. The 2009 event leaves everyone well prepared for the season ahead.