Take a look at 10 of the best questions from Samsung’s #ASKseries Q&A with Leinster Rugby’s Head of Finess, Daniel Tobin.

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Q1. Top Question: As a mother of three teenage boys that are all in to fitness, what age should they be before they attend the gym?
The first thing to do is to find a qualified coach. Any resistance training program begins with being able to control your own body weight. A good coach will establish technique first, before loading. It’s not so much a question of what age they begin but more following the right pathway in terms of athletic development.
Q2. Whats the best way to build exercise into a busy daily routine that doesn’t allow time off to exercise/go to a gym?
Try walking/cycling to work and increase your daily activity with short 10 minute interval bouts if you can fit it in.
Q3. After a good workout or a game, does it take any particular players longer to recover?
Fatigue is different depending on the position you play. Forwards are more prone to collision based fatigue whereas backs are more prone to fatigue from running distance.
Q4. What is the best way to drop one stone weight in one week?
It’s unsafe to drop a stone in one week! But try doing some light cardio work first thing in the morning before breakfast and for a real edge have a coffee before you exercise.
Q5. How often should I be going to the gym to increase muscle mass and stamina, and should I be eating certain foods before and after a workout?
For increasing muscle mass, the recommendation is three times a week with 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps. Try to hit each muscle group twice each week. High protein foods around training time is best. For stamina, keep workouts short and intense if you’re trying to increase muscle mass.
Q6. Is it better to lift heavier weights and do less reps, or focus on technique and up the reps?
It depends on your goal. If you are inexperienced you should focus first on technique. Once your technique is established, then begin loading exercises progressively, but never at the expense of your technique.
Q7. What is the best exercise that burns the most fat in the shortest amount of time?
The more muscle groups you involve in a workout the more calories you will burn. For example, running is better than cycling and squats are better than push ups for calorie burning.
Q8. Who is the fittest and least fit back in the squad?
We call Fergus McFadden ‘The Greyhound’ because he’d run all day! We have no unfit backs…
Q9. My soccer team just folded and I need to keep fit until I find a new team. What’s the best way for me to do this?
Maintain your aerobic fitness with interval running. Try repeated sets of 15 seconds on/15 seconds off with some repeat sprints.
Q10. At what point in the season does fatigue become a factor for most players?
It’s always managed but post-6 Nations we drop training volume significantly.