Luke Fitzgerald spoke about Ireland camp and rooming with Ian Madigan on Newstalk’s Off the Ball on Wednesday night.

After an open training session in Irish Independent Park on Wednesday, Fitzgerald spoke on Off the Ball about about pre-season in the Irish camp.

“It’s been progressing along nicely,” the Leinster winger said. “Obviously we’re in the depths of pre-season at the moment; a couple of sore bodies, tired minds as well after a couple of hard days in Cork.”

Despite Wednesday’s open training session taking place deep in Munster territory, Fitzgerald spoke about how warmly all of the players were received in Cork. 

“It’s nice to get out and see all the supporters there. There’s a lot of good will out there. Even down in Munster territory there’s a lot of good will for myself – I was surprised at that! I used to live down in Cork for about five years, so maybe I built up a bit of good will there.”

Throughout his time in Ireland camp, Fitzgerald has been rooming with his Leinster teammate Ian Madigan and he said that over the years the two have become accustomed to the other’s habits.

“We usually room with the same guy throughout. I’m with Ian Madigan – we know each other for years and years. It’s nice because you don’t really have to get used to different habits of different people. We know each other pretty well at this stage. You’ve got to find someone you’re compatible with.”

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