Have you got what it takes to become a Leinster Branch Referee?

The ARLB’s (Association of Referees Leinster Branch) New Referees Course will take place on Saturday, 10 October in Dublin at a venue to be confirmed.

This course will consist of a workshop where new referees will learn about the fundamentals of refereeing as they begin their refereeing journey.

Why take up refereeing?

Refereeing is a fantastic way to stay involved in the game, whether you are a former player or coach of any level. It is a great way to stay fit while also enjoying games from the best seat in the house.

There is a lively social element within the ARLB as well as development pathways for those referees who show the potential and dedication to progress.

What happens after I complete the course?

Once you complete the course you immediately become a trial member of the ARLB. You will gain experience refereeing age-grade games and touch judging at a higher level and you will also receive mentoring along the way. There are also three follow-up workshops which will deal with key aspects of refereeing in greater detail.

I’m a full member now, what next?

Once you become a full member you will continued to be mentored and evaluated and you will be appointed to referee games suitable for your ability. Some referees may be identified as having potential for further progression and will then join the development pathway. See below for further information.

How do I get involved?

To register your interest please email our Referee Development Officer, Sam Holt.