What is the new Official Membership scheme? 

  • Leinster Rugby has launched a new Official Membership scheme exclusively in the first instance to existing season ticket holders  
  • It has been launched to help the club offset some of the financial loss experienced during the Covid-19 crisis in particular from the loss of revenue from postponed games in the 2019/20 season and the cancellation of Season Tickets sales for the 2020/21 season
  • Only members of the Official Membership will have access to any matchday tickets that become available in the 2020/21 season  
  • There are also a host of other exclusive member-only benefits included

What are the benefits? 

The Official Membership will secure for its members access to the following benefits: 

  • Welcome pack (membership card and gift) 
  • Priority ticket access to tickets that do become available for next season’s matches including, 
    • Games in the Guinness PRO14 and the Heineken Champions Cup
    • Leinster Women’s home games played in the Interprovincial Championship
    • Leinster ‘A’ home games played in the Celtic Cup  
  • Exclusive opportunity to enter lottery to purchase home Guinness 6 Nations tickets  
  • Money can’t buy promotions (signed jerseys etc.) 
  • Invitation only events (coaches Q&A etc.) 
  • Priority access to tickets for knock-out games  
  • Digital magazine   
  • 10% discount at Life Style Sports instore and online  
  • Other partner and supplier discounts 

How much does it cost? 

  • It costs €120  

How long do I have to make my purchase? 

  • Current season ticket holders will have four weeks to make a purchase until Friday, 3 July
  • Should there still be membership available it will then be made available to the general public on Monday, 6 July
  • Season ticket holders will still be able to purchase Official Membership from that date forward also   

Do I receive membership of the Official Leinster Supporters Club (OLSC) as part of the Official Membership? 

  • Anyone who is currently a season ticket holder for 2019/20, your membership of the OLSC will also continue into this season regardless of purchasing the Official Membership or not

Why has it been launched?  

  • Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the likely impact of social distancing measures on sporting events for some time to come it will not be possible to purchase Season Tickets for 2020/21  
  • The Official Membership gives members an opportunity to support their club but also to put them in the mix for any tickets that do become available during the 2020/21 season  

Is the 2019/20 season now cancelled as well? 

  • No, it is still our hope and indeed the hope of the Guinness PRO14 and the EPCR that the 2019/20 season will finish  
  • The first of those Guinness PRO14 games will hopefully take place on the weekend of 22/23 August in the Aviva Stadium but behind closed doors  

I am not a season ticket holder at the moment, can I become a member of the Official Membership? 

  • As it currently stands the Official Membership is only available to current season ticket holders until Friday, 3 July
  • After that initial four-week period and subject to availability, membership will be available to the general public  
  • If they become available, we will communicate with the public across our digital platforms  

When will you go to market to the general public and will it have the same benefits?  

  • Should there be capacity remaining for the Official Membership after the initial four-week sale, we will then go live to the general public 
  • The benefits will mostly be the same but the general public will not be included in the Guinness 6 Nations raffle which is reserved exclusively for current (e.g. 2019/20) season ticket holders who are also members of the Official Membership  

How do I purchase an Official Membership? 

  • The first window to purchase is open to season ticket holders only  
  • As a result, you need to be a current season ticket holder for the season 2019/20 
  • You need to log in to your Account Manager profile from Monday, 8 June, and complete the purchase from there  

Where can I view my credit?

  • To see the amount of credit available to you:
  1. Log-in to your season account
  2. Click on your name at the top of the screen
  3. Select “Your Account”
  4. Select “My Account & Credit”
  5. Now you can see the amount of credit applied to your account
  • The credit on your account will also appear in the final payment page in much the same way as a voucher discount would appear when purchasing items online

Do I have to pay up-front for the Official Membership?

  • No there is no need to pay up-front and we have a payment plan in place for the Official Membership
  • You can choose to pay 100% of the cost upfront if you wish
  • Or you can choose to pay 50% of the cost now and the remaining 50% of the cost on 1st August

I am not a current season ticket holder, how do I purchase an Official Membership? 

  • There is a waiting list on leinsterrugby.ie and you are encouraged to register your interest there  
  • Membership will be open to the public, subject to availability, on Monday, 6 July
  • Leinster Rugby will communicate the offering and the purchasing process before the public sale to those on the waiting list in the first instance 

I’m a current season ticket holder, but I’m having issues logging in to my account?  

  • You will need to use Google Chrome or Firefox to log into your Leinster Rugby account 
  • The site is not compatible with Internet Explorer 
  • Should this still not work, please contact tickets@leinsterrugby.ie  

Who should I contact with any further queries or issues? 

  • Our office in UCD is closed but our staff are working remotely and will answer any query sent to tickets@leinsterrugby.ie  

OK – so my 2019/20 Season Ticket is no longer valid, what’s this about a credit scheme?   

  • There are three games left on the current Season Ticket, namely Munster Rugby, Zebre and Cardiff Blues  
  • We have a credit scheme in place for the three games remaining on your account and every Ticketmaster account will be credited with this amount  

How much credit am I entitled to? 

  • Credit will be applied to your season ticket account on a pro rata basis depending on the category of ticket purchased (excluding service charge)  
  • Any season ticket holder with further queries is welcome to email tickets@leinsterrugby.ie  

Yes but exactly how much credit do I receive for the three missed games? 

  • Each season ticket category is different so there isn’t one figure for all  
  • However, each season ticket category will receive an average credit of 18% of the season ticket price after costs which include your contribution as a season ticket holder to the domestic rugby programme across the 12 counties 
  • The service charge will not be refunded  
  • The full amount of credit available to each season ticket holder can be viewed on your account and that is explained above

I answered a survey last week about my options for that credit, what happens now?  

  • We are very grateful to all the season ticket holders that answered our survey  
  • The survey was to allow us to plan for the launch of our Official Membership  
  • If you chose Option A or B, the credit is in your account and you can choose to use that credit against the purchase of an Official Membership or can leave it in your account and use it towards next season’s Season Tickets 
  • If you chose Option C, to leave your credit with Leinster Rugby as a contribution, we are very grateful for the gesture and that credit will not appear in your account  
  • If you did not answer the survey or do not wish to make a decision now, the credit will remain on your account for 24 months from the time it was posted to your account  

What does that contribution go towards? 

  • No profit is made at Leinster Rugby, all of the Leinster Rugby revenue is reinvested into the game at a professional level and on the domestic front  
  • Regarding the Domestic game, a number of key statistics are as follows: 
    • c. €4m is spent on the domestic game annually  
    • 74 clubs, 445 primary and 210 secondary schools  
    • Since 2011 a 32% increase in spend on rugby development  
    • 25% increase in those playing the game to 76,000 
    • 41 Club Community Rugby Officers 
    • 11 Community Rugby Officers 
    • 5 Coach Development Officers 
    • 3 Women’s Development Officers 
    • 3 Elite Player Development Officers 
    • 2 Strength & Conditioning Coaches 
  • Your contribution helps us to keep Leinster Rugby in our clubs, in our schools and in our communities  

didn’t choose Option C in the survey last week but having seen the options available now, I would like to leave that credit with Leinster Rugby and make that contribution to the domestic rugby programme. How do I do that now? 

don’t want to lose my season ticket but I don’t want to buy the Official Membership? 

  • That is absolutely fine and we guarantee your seat for another 12 months and you will have first refusal on that same seat for the 2021/22 season  
  • Your credit is also secure on your account for 24 months   

Do I automatically get a match ticket if I have an Official Membership for next season? 

  • Should we get permission to hold matches in front of supporters during the 2020/21 season, any tickets that become available will be made available on a first come, first served basis to members of the new Official Membership  

I am in a wheelchair, what happens to my current season ticket? Can I get an Official Membership? 

  • Every season ticket account and the right to purchase will roll forward until the 2021/22 season  
  • Subject to Event Management guidelines, we anticipate that there will be limited tickets in each category and stand in the RDS Arena, excluding the terrace  
  • Those limitations will also apply to the wheelchair sections and as a result we anticipate limited capacity here also  
  • Anyone that is currently a season ticket holder can purchase an Official Membership  

I have a junior season ticket, how can I avail of the Official Membership?  

  • Anyone that is currently a season ticket holder can purchase an Official Membership  

Can I get a Junior Membership for my son/daughter? 

  • Any current season ticket holder can purchase an Official Membership of Leinster Rugby however there is no designated Junior Membership currently on offer
  • With the social distancing model currently at 2m, there is still uncertainty around families and younger supporters in particular and sitting alongside parents/guardians
  • As the model hopefully evolves further we hope to be in a position to offer a Junior Membership ahead of the 2020/21 season
  • However currently with the ticketing and seating arrangements still very much uncertain there is only one membership type available in the market

If tickets become available, how many tickets can I buy with my Official Membership?

  •  As it currently stands and under the current social distancing guidelines, each Official Membership entitles the member to one ticket should tickets become available and on a first come, first served basis.

If I purchase an Official Membership for 2020/21 and then if I get a match ticket, is it my ‘usual’ seat? 

  • As it currently stands because of social distancing rules we will have to space people accordingly so sitting in a row with the same person or same group of people as normal will not be possible unfortunately  
  • In addition, as it currently stands, there will be no terrace option available either to supporters  

So I have lost my seat? 

  • Yes, nobody will have their current seat for the 2020/21 season 
  • Tickets that become available will be in all parts of the ground (excluding terrace) and will be sold on a first come first served basis to members of the Official Membership  
  • However, when hopefully everything returns to normal for the 2021/22 season, your seat, as you currently have, will revert back to your account and you will have access to this seat on a first refusal basis  

I am an Associate Member, is there an Associate Membership for 2020/21? 

  • No, there is no Associate Membership for 2020/21 
  • Official Membership will be the only membership offering from Leinster Rugby for the 2020/21 season