As we all know, the emphasis changes somewhat at this time of year from domestic to international rugby, and we temporarily swap our blue jerseys for the green of Ireland for five exciting games…

We at OLSC towers thought some fantasy rugby might be just the thing to spice up your interest even more in the 6 Nations Championship and we are giving away EUR 100 to spend at Lifestyle Sports for the winner in our specially created division.

The competition involves you buying a squad of 12 players, selected from the 6 international teams involved.  You will then accumulate points based on the performance of your players in the championship.

The league we have chosen is run by and our division is called the ‘OLSC League”. Use the password Lein091112 when registering. It only takes a few moments, you will then be able to start selecting your team.

Anyone can enter from anywhere in the world, if you are outside the EU (where Lifestyle Sports currently ship to), we’ll buy whatever you’d like up to EUR 100 instore and arrange delivery worldwide.

Full rules, terms and conditions are on the website.  Please note that the OLSC has absolutely no control over the allocation of points or the enforcement of the rules in this league.

So, have we any budding Joe Schmidts or Matt O’Connors out there?  Join us now, let’s see how talented a manager you are!