This season, we have over 500 dedicated coaches from clubs and schools across the province participating in our coaching courses for children, youths and adults.

Creating a virtual and blended learning experience for our coaches has been the vehicle used across the five areas of the province by our dedicated domestic coaching staff. These sessions have proven to be of great value to our coaches through these difficult times.

All modules on our courses are being delivered in two and three-hour blocks by qualified tutors with vast experience using online breakout rooms to challenge and engage our coaches on their learning journey.

The aim of the Coach Development team is to develop an ongoing learning environment for all rugby coaches in Leinster.

Within the Covid restrictions and guidelines, we are supporting volunteer coaches in both clubs and schools in a more tailored one-to-one experience to support their needs.

During the lockdown the coach development department delivered many different topics online such as Reflection, Creating Good Environments, Game Design, Tactical Periodization, Skill Development and Kicking: a tactical approach.

Our professional staff from the Leinster senior team also used the time to assist the domestic staff and our age grade coaches with technical and tactical online support workshops.

The Athletic Development staff have produced quality strength and conditioning video footage to support our players with remote learning resources along with nutritional information.

Leinster Rugby’s Coach Development Department have created a series of video resources for coaches of children and youths.

These series of games have been created to develop the Core4 areas of rugby at all levels – catch and pass, ball carry, continuity and tackle, as well as developing players game sense through the game-centred approach and player-centred learning.

Each of the videos will have a focus for each side of the ball, ensuring players are developing good technical and tactical habits on attack and defence.

Coaching notes will be linked to each video to ensure there is clear ‘intention and attention’ for each game – or in simpler terms “what are we looking for? And what are we looking at?”.

The PDF game cards can be downloaded and printed, for you to bring with you on the pitch, and there are progressions, regressions and other constraint ideas and rule variations for you to change the game focus for your players.