It is not every day you would find yourself hoping that a cow relieves itself on your spot of turf, but if you happen to be in Stradbrook Park on September 28th, that is exactly what you’ll be wishing for…

The Blackrock Rugby Ladies have decided to put a different spin on fundraising by offering an amazing cash for cow crap.
‘Poo on the Pitch’, is simple. First you purchase a ticket, costing €;10 that has a number which correlates to a square on the field. The Rock ladies will then set a cow loose on the playing field and the waiting game will begin.

Wherever the cow takes a poo first will determine who wins the €;3,000 cash prize.

The fun and games will kick off at 2pm, and with only 1,000 squares available and mooooooooore cash prizes promised, it is advised you get there early.

Tickets can be purchased from the club or from anyone of the ladies on the team. Mail to buy you ticket today.