Bad weather, water logged pitches and postponed games have given the youth section and Portarlington club community rugby officer Alex Mihajlovic a chance to run a series of players skill and functionality assessments…

With help of youth coaches Ger Kinsella, Barry Lambkin, Declan Kavanagh and Padraig Mahon, players from U13 to U17 have been tested in their passing and tackling skills.  Also the standing long jump and over head squats were used to asses the player’s functionality.

Data collected provided good starting point in following players long term development  and provided clear picture on areas that needed addressing . Shortly after the youth coaches meeting ideas on games and drills were exchanged with a view to improve player skills.

Appropriate stretching exercises were also given to players to help them with the negative effects of growth spurt. The same assessment will be carried out towards end of the season to provide further feedback on actions taken with a hope of overall improvement.