The Railway Union RFC Inclusion Tag team was setup in September 2021 and now train every Wednesday night at 6pm.

Railway Union offers tag rugby to children 5-15 years with special needs, providing an inclusive and supportive environment in a social and sporting setting.

Planning for the team began pre-pandemic to make Railway Union an even more inclusive club. Thanks to the support of David McKay from the IRFU and the Leinster Rugby branch, our coaches were trained up once restrictions were lifted.

Recruitment began with taster sessions on Sundays in September 2021, allowing coaches to get an understanding of how the sessions would run and for children to familiarise themselves with Railway Union.

It was important to the club to have trainings on at times that the club was busy so it was all inclusive.

They have engaged with local sports partnership, local schools, disability services and other inclusive teams to encourage participation. This was done through fliers, email invites and phone calls to encourage kids to give tag a try. They had fantastic numbers and kids brought their siblings and parents to join in too.

Many of the children have said they had never tried tag before and were eager to get stuck in.

During the training sessions children with special needs learn new skills such as catching, passing, running and tagging as well as a new sport, all while having fun.

Often you will see the younger group of girls mixing in for skills and drills before breaking away to practice in a tag game, all of which encourage peer-to-peer mentorship and neurodiversity from an early age.

The IRFU and Leinster Rugby have been fantastic in introducing clubs around Dublin for Railway Union to meet, mix with and play against. While they have only been established for five months, they want to continue to grow their numbers and play against teams all around the county.

Railway Union would love to have you and your friends down. If you want to get involved in a coaching or playing perspective, please contact Dee Roberts on 0892730992.