While power was restored and the game was played out to its conclusion, two independent reports were commissioned and have since been carried out by Axis Engineering and by Gen Tec. on behalf of the RDS and of Leinster Rugby.

By way of background information:-

  • As is the norm in most stadia, the power for the flood lights at the RDS Arena is powered by diesel generation
  • The RDS made a decision in 2006 to have two full load generators installed should one of the generators fail and these work in synch with each other
  • A full service of the generators was carried out on 13th January 2017
  • A power check was carried out on 28th February 2017 and nothing out of the ordinary was noted from the readings
  • The generators were run and tested three times in the week leading up to the 28th April 2017 with no issues reported
  • The most recent test was 16 hours before the generators were started at 18.50 on Friday 28th April 2017

Both reports have found that:-

  • Generator No. 2 suffered an ‘extraordinary failure’ and as its voltage reduced Generator No. 1 was unable to match the underperformance of Generator No. 2
  • As programmed to do, Generator No. 1 then also shut down to protect itself when it could not match the underperformance

Both reports recommended that in order to mitigate against future risk the following measures should be taken:-

  • Replace components such as voltage regulators and cabling
  • As the lamps may have been damaged by the loss of power, the service of all lamps and igniters at high level and replacement of capacitors at ground level should be carried out
  • Install a second set of generators to provide lighting power to 50% of the poles giving a minimum of 500 lux at any one time in the event of a future outage

The recommendations as provided in the reports will be carried out in advance of the Guinness PRO12 Semi-Final on Friday, 19th May 2017.

Leinster Rugby and the RDS would like to again put on record our appreciation to all those in attendance at the game for their cooperation with the Garda Síochána and stewards.

The health and safety of those in attendance at our games is of the utmost priority and we are confident that the measures outlined above will help safeguard against such an event happening again.