The quiet seaside village of Sandymount in Dublin is being rocked by a social rugby revolution. Women and men in equal numbers are joining the growing ranks of Sandymount Touch Rugby based out of Monkstown FC…

Equally suitable for players with no previous rugby experience or ex-players looking for a fun way to stay in the game, Touch Rugby is fast becoming the most fun and exciting form of social rugby in Ireland.

“It really is the easiest of all sports to pick up”, says Mike Davies, of Sandymount Touch Rugby, “there’s no special equipment needed, just a ball and a pitch, and we provide training and game time every Monday to help beginners learn the game”.

Indeed Sandymount Touch Rugby, in only its second year, already has an impressive base of 50 players made up of an even split of women and men training every Monday evening at 7pm in Monkstown FC grounds on Park Avenue. There’s a real belief in this group that Touch Rugby will become the dominant form of social rugby in Ireland within the next five years.

When asked what makes Touch Rugby so attractive, Mike is quick to enthuse. “The action in Touch really is non-stop, so it’s a terrific and fun way to get fit. A great point is that we have smaller teams (six on the pitch), and a larger pitch than tag rugby. This means all players get lots more time and space on the ball which makes it so enjoyable as a team sport.

“A major rule difference to tag rugby is that after a player has been touched, the next player that picks the ball up cannot score or be touched or it’s a turnover to the other team. In Touch you have to play as a team, one person cannot dominate a game by running off on long solo runs”.

Core to the spirit of Sandymount Touch Rugby is the social and fun aspect, but there is also a deeper ethos of honesty, respect and inclusion. Solid foundations for a sport that is well positioned to go from strength to strength.

Sandymount Touch Rugby is hosting a Summer League in Ringsend from June to September. Teams will play two games a night, every Monday evening from 7pm to 9pm. Entry is only €;40 per person to play all summer, and entry includes two sports t-shirts per player. Teams of 10 players, evenly split between women and men, are invited to join.

Individuals are also very welcome and a team will be found for them to join. Contact for more information and to book.