Seapoint Rugby Club recently held one of the largest blitzes in the country…

This rugby extravaganza was arranged for the Under-9, 10 and 12 age groups to participate in Mini rugby and gathered approximately 1,200 participants from all over Ireland.

This blitz was very efficiently organised – with 16 pitches running at any one time – and which this was due to the great organisation and preparation of the coaches and volunteers of Seapoint Rugby Club as well as the local council and other sports clubs. The day couldn’t have worked so well without the help of all those in Kilbogget Park.

There was a large amount of talented players on display which demonstrates the level of coaching that we have in our country, which bodes well for the future of Irish Rugby.

A great day was had by all involved and was run and participated in a very sportsmanlike fashion with everyone coming out as the winner in the end.