Performance Development Systems (PDS) is designed to support coaches, teams and organisations – impacting coach and athlete behaviours to maximise performance.

In this coach development workshop, Mark will share his expertise to help coaches increase the understanding, learning, performance & motivation of the individuals & teams they are working with. Attendees will experience the PDS principles through workshop and practical examples including

  • The PDS Rule of 3
  • Understanding what a performance environment really looks like
  • Introduction to PDS coaching methods linked to personal critical path
  • PDS resets and session formats
  • Hot and cold reviews

Title:                    Performance Development Systems

Target:                Coaches of Youth & Adult Players (u13+)

Date:                   Wednesday, August 28th

Venue:                Malahide RFC

Times:                 2.30pm to 7.30pm

Cost:                   €30 (incl resources & refreshments)

Mark Bennett has been training, coaching & mentoring individuals and teams since the early 90s.

While serving with 29 Commando Regiment as the senior instructor, running the Commando Training Wing, Mark initiated structural change to the way soldiers were trained for the commando course.

His work in this field cumulated in the design of the Performance Development Systems; a holistic and robust approach to maximise real world performance for organisations, coaches and athletes.

He has since spent over 28 years researching and developing effective learning and adherence systems to help coaches and trainers maximise the performance of the individuals and teams they are working with.

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