With the winter truly setting in, St. Mary’s RFC women’s team continues to display true commitment to Rugby…

With all pitches closed, a bleak winter’s night after prolonged rain put more than a dampener on training situations. Undeterred the Mary’s girls rang just about everyone that they could think of in order to secure a hall, patch of grass or car-park to train in or on.

St. Mary’s College in Rathmines came up trumps and kept the school hall open an extra hour in order for the girls to train. Text to all on the team; training in the school 10pm-11pm on Tuesday. Whilst most would be looking for their “leaba” 32 girls turned out to the school to train.

Wednesday night not being any better the girls determined to train started on the mobile’s again. Whilst most were wrapped up indoors sheltering from the downpour and gale force winds the Mary’s girls showed true commitment to the game that they love.

St Mary’s faced Highfield away last Sunday and in order to ensure skill under adverse conditions the girls battled through the rain and mud to complete their training session. A huge thank you to CYM who graciously allowed the girls to train on Wednesday night.

On Thursday night the girls made it indoors again, with a gym session from 8.30-10pm at the club. It was a drier and warmer experience! Unfortunately for the forwards they were on the cabbage patch from 7pm before the gym session. The girls would like to thank St. Mary’s College, CYM and their club for all of the support.