Take a look inside the Leinster gym with Leinster’s head of fitness, Daniel Tobin.

On this month’s episode of Across the Laighin on Leinster TV, we spoke to Daniel Tobin, Leinster’s head of fitness, about the work the backroom staff do in the gym with the senior team and Academy players.

“Tuesday and Thursday would typically be the days where we would do upper limb, so it’s compulsory on a Tuesday, and on a Thursday then we give the players an option when it’s close to a game of whether they want to get another hit out or not on it. In terms of week-by-week, we just change the rep ranges really and minimal changes in the exercises that we do, depending on what phase we’re in. And then coming towards our bigger games we tend to taper the volume that we do, keep the intensity high.”

While the team work hard in the gym and do a lot of high intensity training, Tobin says it’s important to create an enjoyable environment. 

“In general, I think there’s always a good bit of banter in the gym and I think it’s important as well. We work hard and we get a really good intensity out of the sessions and once that happens, the banter, I think, helps them. You want them to enjoy their environment and they work harder when they enjoy it anyway. There’s a certainly a few messers, particularly in this group here, but we encourage it if anything as long as the work gets done.” 

For a look inside the Leinster gym, watch the latest episode of Across the Laighin on Leinster TV.